Kicking off the School Year


Rolling Hills Preparatory School and Renaissance School are one unified school serving students grades 6-12 in the Greater Long Beach area of Southern California. Together the faculty and staff participated in a day-long workshop focused on three elements of relational teaching: Connection, Hope and Reflection. The image here is from a "Hope Board" that was featured outside the entrance of the main hall on campus. It sums up the spirit of the day—one filled with optimism and excitement about the school year ahead. With a new Head of School at the helm armed with consensus-driven strategic plans for the future, Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools are positioned for positive growth in the years ahead. Using case studies and creative approaches to relational teaching, the faculty and staff ensured that their school's focus would remain on what they already do best: teach to their students as individuals, with connections forged from mind and heart.

Nat Damon