I’ve been in education for over 25 years, and Nat Damon’s “Time To Teach” gets right to the heart of what makes any teacher great. Thank God someone wrote this book. I recommend it to all my colleagues.
— John Finley, Head of School, Epiphany School in Boston

Nat’s book, Time to Teach: Time to Reach, brings us all into the world of being a teacher today, and it does so with a focus on how hope, trust and connection are at the heart of any strong teacher-student relationship. I recommend it for anyone interested in teaching, and for any parent looking to better communicate with their children’s teachers. Nat’s book is accessible to all - educators and allies alike, and his salons and workshops speak to its central message that great teaching is rooted in great relationships.
— Nick Melvoin, Vice-President, Board of Education, Los Angeles Unified School District (District Four)

It’s rare that you come across a book that truly captures the unique relationship teachers have with students. Brilliant is the word that comes to mind when I think about Nat’s book, Time to Teach: Time to Reach, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting Nat at a intimate salon for our supporters, during which Nat read passages from his incredible book that left us all eager to read more. Above all, I was impressed and inspired with Nat’s ability to articulate the complexities and nuances of teachers and their relationships with students . If you are looking for ways to re-engage your teaching staff or other professionals working with youth, do yourself a favor and pick up this book! You will not be disappointed!
— Dana Henry, Communities in Schools (CIS), Los Angeles

As a school leader, I found Nat’s book, Time to Teach: Time to Reach, to be both intuitive and essential for teachers today. His message is about the importance (aka “currency”) of relationships in schools...between teacher and student, teacher and teacher, teacher and parent. What makes this book particularly unique is Nat’s use of contemporary research that backs up what we all know to be timeless. He asserts that teaching is a cognitive and emotional endeavor, and he uses neuroscience to back it up. I recommend this spirited, supportive book to new teachers and veterans, as it communicates an understanding for the true work that goes into being excellent at this craft.
— Brendan Largay, Head of School / AISNE Board Member, Belmont Day School (MA)
Nat’s book, Time to Teach: Time to Reach captures the inner world of teaching as only an experienced professional can. It honors the unsung work excellent teachers do every day, and it gives advice on how all teachers can strengthen the relational aspects that are so important. Nat’s workshops speak to this by adding life to his words. They are far more than just a rehash of the contents of his excellent book. Rather, they go a step further, providing the most up to date research that supports his assertion that teaching is cognitive, emotional, and social. All schools - independent, public, traditional and progressive - can benefit from Nat’s wisdom and his passionately supportive voice.
— Patrick McCabe Founder, Head of School, New Roads School (Santa Monica, CA) Founder, Executive Director, Ready to Succeed (Los Angeles, CA)

While Time to Teach: Time to Reach is technically a book aimed at educators and parents, it is also keenly useful for people in all different organizations and industries. This book is about relationships. It’s about building trust and establishing connection, something Nat has effectively done in writing and sharing his book. I recommend it for anyone seeking wisdom and strategy toward establishing closer relationships on their professional team - teaching or otherwise.
— Lori Palko, Founder, Love Money Purpose, LLC

I just finished Nat Damon’s timely and beautiful book ‘Time to Teach Time to Reach.’ Part how-to guide, part pep talk, the book is a compelling rejection of the sinister notion that education is all about getting what’s on my paper onto your paper, and then testing your ability to parrot it back to me. I’m buying a copy for every teacher in my circle of friends and family.

’Time to Teach Time to Reach’ is a thoughtful call to action for all of us affected by education—in other words, all of us. The totally unexpected bonus is the book’s power as an intensive refresher course on what it means to be human in a world hijacked by technology. Without giving too much away, there’s a reason why the word “time” is the glue that holds the book together. Nat eloquently riffs on what it looks like to step away from the altar of perpetual, data-driven, empirical busy-ness, and to reconnect meaningfully with those on the journey with us.
— Gary D. Roberts, Judge, LA County Superior Court